Why Areca leaf plates ?

Areca leaf plates are made from sterilized fallen areca leaves. Areca leaf tree originated in India and Malaysia. In other words it known as palm leaf tree in western countries.

The fallen areca leaves are collected by local people, soaked, cleaned, then heated and molded into different shapes by palm leaf plate making machine. When all of the moisture and dusts has been squeezed out, the areca leaves retain the shape of the mold. After use, the leaves are composted, with biodegradation occurring in just six weeks. The main advantage of using areca leaf plates is quick biodegradation.

In the last 10 years, Areca leaf plates manufacturers in India have formalized the process of turning leaves into dinnerware and selling them in both the Indian and European markets as eco-friendly alternatives to foam, paper and plastic dinnerware.

Why areca leaf plates

Eco Freindly, Disposable, Bio-Degradable, Waterproof, Heatproof One of the Media states that India alone has approximately 300,000 hectares of Areca tree plantations, We are talking about a sustainable resource that makes the idea of disposable plates guilt free. Let us pledge to save the earth one plate at a time by using this ethically sourced plate that is stylish yet sustainable.

Why areca leaves for making natural dinnerware?

Durability – The areca leaves used are very strong, will not melt, “bleed” moisture or deform in the sun light, and can even be used in the microwave oven at high temperature also.

Beauty – These areca lefa plates are very attractive and each one is different comparing to other, We can mold it into different shapes.

Sustainability – The areca leaf plates are the most sustainable disposable plate on the marker. Because areca leaf plates is a best eco-friendly product.

Affordability – For large parties areca leaf plates is a best tableware. When we use foam or plastic plates it will ruins the environment. Areca leaf plates are taking just six week for composting.

Areca leaf plates and cups are traditionally produced by handmade in Indian villages and some companies making in corporate manner. These are commonly used for serving food at marriages, birthday parties, religions and social functions. The laborious craft can now be converted into a machine operation to make these containers in elegant shapes and sizes for purpose bulk manufacturing. Such cups and plates are made out of plant leaves of beautia, arecanut sheath, banana etc. These have good dimensional stability and are inexpensive, hygienic and biodegradable.

Why Peak International? - Areca leaf plates manufacturer

Peak International - One of the ways to make the planet Eco-Friendly. We at the peak develop best solutions for the products that are consistently used and can reusable. Peak creates ‘Disposable Areca Leaf Plates’ and ‘Areca Leaf Bowls’ that you use for different dining purposes. Products we use include areca trees are exclusively grown and it’s undergone around Eight processing steps carefully. So we ensure that our palm leaf plates, areca leaf plates are 100% natural and unique.

Making of Areca leaf plates

From Highly growed Palm tree, tons of fallen areca leafs is collected and it is shifted to litres of water to wash the areca leafs & make it clean. Besides that unwanted palm leafs and dust particles are taken away to make pure and perfect Areca leaf plate and settled in high pressure to make different shapes and styles. Later designed plates is passed through UV rays for sterilization. Finally it is packed and transported to necessary departments like canteens, stores etc., one of the most important use of areca leaf is we can reuse it as manure after it is thrown away.

About Our Company

Our peak International is fully instrumented and well trained industry in TamilNadu comparing to other company with a wide range of skilled labours and dominant marketing. we have a mamooth experience in this natural product and we maintain a good quality and provide promisable service to our customer. We manufacture Areca leaf and supplies to world market with favorable price. We provide service 24/7 to customers.

The flow of process in our industry makes the product with different schemes which makes cusotmers related to domains like canteen, flower shops, hotels, to stick with us.

Our mentor, ‘Mr. Praphakaran’, leads all major business processes in our firm. Holding vast realm experience to his credit, he is one of the trusted names in the industry and also provides training sessions to team members.

About Our Palm leaf products

We are proud to provide a eco friendly product and which doesn't affects the environment. We use fresh and dry areca leaf to manufacture palm plates and reduces pollution to the environment. Apart from these things we make customization in plates and prices too. We gather fallen leafs from tree and makes it dry, later we provide heat to the leaves which has taken from the drier and moves leafs to sterilize it. After sterilizing it we make them into your dinning table. Finaly it is put into regrowth and compost. This is how palm leaves are manufactured and recycled.

We are very proud to be a manufacturer of eco-friendly Palm leaf which is a better replacement of Plastics and Polymers. We can put many names to this Palm leaf plates like Areca leaf plates / Bio plates / Leaf plates / Natural disposable plates / Natural dinnerware.

Some of the characterstics of Palm leaf plates : Orignal name of these product is "Arecanut Palm Leaf Plates" and its made from Sheath. Name of such product is Purely Natural and chemical free, which is a main thing because its does not affect the environment. Botanical name of this leaf is "Areca Catechu Linn".