About Us

Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturer


Peak International is well experienced in the arena of palm leaf plates and uses sophisticated technology in the production of these eco friendly plates. The company is situated in the heart of Tamil Nadu state in India and leads ahead its competitors in terms of technology and production with its skilled and trained labors and established factory with modern equipments.

We have mammoth experience in the production of this natural product and we have gained clients worldwide with our smooth service and promising quality. We offer very competitive and affordable price and provide round the clock service. We focus on the quality of the product and its hygienic condition.

We have skilled and well trained labor that are capable of giving good output. We are against appointing child labor and give our word that our workers work in safe working environment.

Under the able leadership of Mr. Prabhakaran, we walk ahead others thanks to his vast experience in this realm. He is instrumental in making Peak International one of the trusted names in the industry.

We have the noble mission of promoting eco friendly product that will render pollution free environment in future. Not only that our products are fairly priced, but also we focus on giving fair wages to our labors to make our company an environmentally as well as socially conscious one.

We use only the naturally fallen palm leaves which are the true agricultural byproducts. We borrow them from the earth, use them and return them to the earth - yes the thrown away used plates turn as good manure for plants and trees. This ensures our resources to be preserved for generations to come.

Our technically trained craftsmen work in international standards compliant working conditions and are made sure that they receive fair wages and steady income to support their families. Period training has been provided to them in particular intervals so that they get good work experience and enhance their lives.

We follow hygienic methods and environmentally friendly procedures in our production with the great mission of being true to the earth. The sprayed, steamed and sterilized products are obtained from the areca leaves – they are all fallen naturally and no trees are ever cut for obtaining them. With careful steps the raw material undergoes series of changes until it reaches your party as dinnerware.

Though they look elegant with natural grains, they are really quite cheap. The plates as well as their prices are also customized. They are 100% recycled after use that they degrade very soon.

The botanical name of this leaf is Areca Catechu Linn. The sheaths are natural, combustible and chemical free. They are disposable, biodegradable, eco friendly, waterproof, and refrigerator safe, heatproof and microwave safe. They are obtained from multitudes of areca plantations.

Peak International is proud to manufacture and export such eco friendly palm leaf plates that diminish the need for using plastics and polymers. We present stylish yet sustainable product that is far better than its competing ones. With round the clock service and promptness, we are heading towards our ultimate goal of establishing an eco friendly environment.