Making of Palm Leaf Plates


Palm leaf plates are made from the naturally fallen leaves of particular type of palm trees which are widely called areca trees. So these eco friendly plates are also known as areca leaf plates. These trees are grown in hilly regions where the climate is moderately cool. The main product of the areca trees is areca nuts. As they grow taller, they shed leaves and this leaf shedding is more in summer season. The leaves fallen in summer are broader ideal for making wider plates and so they are stocked during that time.

The collected leaves are bundled and transported to palm leaf plate manufacturing factories. They have to be stored in dry places away from heat and moisture. They undergo really interesting manufacturing process in which the brittle leaves are converted into beautiful plates.

The quality and thickness of the leaves differ according to the area from which it is obtained. The palm leaves are soaking in water for couple of hours. This soaking time differs based on the thickness of the leaves. They absorb enough water and turn soft like a cloth. Then it is unbundled and separated into single leaflets. These leaflets may contain some dust and soil. This debris is cleaned with brush and after brushing process, they are allowed to drain.

The leaves are allowed to stand until they reach a half dry condition which is ideal for the manufacturing of areca leaf plates. Now they will look dry but flexible at the same time. These flexible leaves are ready to be forged.

Areca leaf plate manufacturing machines are automatic hydraulic machines with dyes and blades for shaping and cutting. They are heated to high temperatures with the inbuilt heater. The leaves are graded according to their sizes so that the bigger ones are served in machines with bigger sizes and the smaller ones are served in smaller sized dyes.

Once the leaf is placed between the dyes, the machine is switched on to compress the leaf into shape. While it is shaped the blades cut the edges thus forming the plates. These eco friendly plates are made in different shapes like square, circle, rectangle, oval, star shaped, etc with the help of different types of dyes.

The plates are taken out of the machine in a couple of minutes and the remaining tail portion of it is used for making smaller sized cups. The plates will be slightly wet and so they are allowed to dry for few hours in shade. Once they are fully dry they turn hard. They are now ready to be used.

The high heat of the machines removes any microorganisms present in the substance thus making them fit for food items to be served. Additional they are also treated with UV sterilization for enhanced protection. The plates are manufactured in a highly hygienic environment under safe working conditions.

The palm leaf plates thus obtained have different types of grains that make them look woody. They are bundled and packed in sealed cartons and shipped. It is usually used as disposable plates as they might absorb water on washing and lose its shape. The disposed plates degrade very fast and turn to be good manure for trees and plants. So they preserve our mother earth from harmful non-biodegradable substances and ensure pollution free environment.